Present Appointment

• CSO of Sensus Futuris

• Associate Professor, CVSSP (Center for Vision Speech and Signal Processing) and Surrey Institute of People-centred AI University of Surrey

Previous Appointments, responsibilities and Awards

• Muhammad was machine learning lead and Certified Scrum Master at Cortexia, a spin-out from Imperial College London. He has proposed multiple innovative commercial ideas and delivered them to completion. Based on a novel idea he wrote a successful Innovate UK grant application for “Fashion Recommendation System” (£550,000), leading the machine learning part of the project until he left the company to join CVSSP. He co-wrote and co-led another successful Innovate UK grant “Street Style Visual Recognition Prototype” (£500,000) for Cortexica.

He was a Lecturer at the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila and a research fellow at CVSSP, University of Surrey. He has several high-quality research publications and patents. He has multiple years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning), AI start-ups, data science, Anomaly Detection, Time Series Analysis, Deep Learning, (Convolutional Neural Network, Generative Adversarial Networks, Deep AutoEncoders etc.), Recurrent Neural Network (LSTM, GRU etc), Cross Modality Embedding (joint vision and language), Computer Vision, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Pattern Classification, Object Detection, Semantic segmentation, Scene Understanding, Linear and Non-linear Programming, Convex Optimization, Multiple Kernel Learning, Ensemble Methods, ECOC, Generative and Discriminative Models, Medical Imaging Analysis and Understanding.

• Muhammad has two bachelor degrees - one in Mathematics and one in Computer Engineering. He was awarded a Masters Degree (MSc) and a Doctorate (PhD) in Machine Intelligence from the University of Surrey in 2008 and 2011 respectively. He won a scholarship for his MSc studies and an industrial scholarship for his MSc Project. His 2008 MSc results were the highest in the Surrey University Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Based on his educational performance, he won a highly prestigious Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) and EPSRC funding awards for his PhD studies. He became a certified Scrum Master in 2014.